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Writer's Block: Starting from Scratch

What would be the best thing about entering the Witness Protection Program and getting to start your life from scratch? The worst?
I think the best thing about starting life from scratch is that you would have past experiencies to guide you. Plus, you could choose who you wanted to be, depending on the experiences you have had.
The worst thing about being in a Witness Protection Program (WPP) would be that someone would be "out to get you" and you would need to "look over your shoulder" in fear of someone finding you. However, if Nazi war criminals have been able to live for forty years in some places without being caught, being in a WPP may not be all that stressful. It seems that you would at least have some idea of who would be in search of you.
Are you prepared for a zombie outbreak, or are you just going to wing it?
Aren't we living with zombies? Many value stereotypical personas and evaluate others based on them. Why can't we just connect with one another as humans knowing the other has value, feelings, and contributions to make. We are all here for a reason, and need each other to succeed in life. How can we teach zombies a lesson? 

Seen any blue sky lately?

Why is everyone so focused on text messaging when there is so much to appreciate in the world around us? All it will take is no electricity or satellite and what will you do? Conversation is so real and personal. We need to communicate humanely. Does anyone get this?